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the city of Bethlehem and the people who live there captivated our hearts long ago.  in 2005, the father's house international established a small house of prayer on mount David, the very place a young shepherd boy was called to one day be king.  there's something so special about this place that when you are not there you find yourself longing to walk the cobbled roads, to breathe in the unique smell that is Bethlehem and be amidst the hustle and bustle of day to day life there.  while these are all reasons to stay, the heart of Bethlehem is the people; The rich tradition of unparalleled hospitality, the warmth and love that comes through in their smiles, their willingness to help anyone in need and to share stories over a cup of tea or impossibly strong coffee.


over the years, we have established strong relationships with so many as we've been invited into homes, churches and lives.  we've celebrated with them and mourned with them.  through the father's house international, we've hosted thousands of visitors from across the globe in Bethlehem where we seek to be an agent of change and reconciliation that spans across political, geographical and faith lines.  we see lives changed, and hearts opened as personal walls tumble down.  because in the end, we are all looking for the same things in life; peace, provision for our families and hope for a better future.  

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